No Offer ~ Maybe you didn't stage your refrigerator properly!

Thanks to Dorie Dillard for this funny and enlightening post about Buyers checking out the refrigerator items. It's true!  I recently had a buyer who commented what a sloppy looking refrigerator!  It did reflect a feeling about the rest of the home.

What?? Is this a joke? I was reading an article in the New York Times called Staging Refrigerators for Real Estate Showings and I laughed at the possibility of what buyers were discerning when checking out a refrigerator during a visit during an open house.  It got me thinking many buyers do open the refrigerator and make comments on the content. As the article states “The contents of a refrigerator speak volumes about the seller who’s lived in the home you are considering making your own.”

This, of course, makes sense. We make snap judgments about other people all the time, why wouldn’t we do the same when checking out the contents of the seller’s refrigerator! If the items are neatly arranged and everything is labeled it gives us the impression the whole house has been maintained in this fashion. If the refrigerator is stocked with upscale and expensive items some buyers like to identify with this lifestyle. After all; each home on the market is offering a certain lifestyle to consumers.

In Austin, Texas the refrigerator, washer and dryer do not normally convey with the house as they are considered personal property. Since fewer companies are paying for moves we are seeing sellers think twice about paying for the moving of these items and are often leaving them as an enticement for the home purchase. More buyers are checking out the appliances they would be acquiring. Maybe it’s time to add “staging our refrigerators” to our list when preparing our listings for market. Who knows maybe “You are what you refrigerate!!”


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2 commentsDoug Patterson • June 12 2013 06:51AM
No Offer ~ Maybe you didn't stage your refrigerator properly!
Thanks to Dorie Dillard for this funny and enlightening post about Buyers checking out the refrigerator items. It's true! I recently had a buyer who commented what a sloppy looking refrigerator! It did reflect a feeling about the rest of the home… more
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